The latest supercomputer at IITM,Pune  “Pratyush” is a Cray-XC40 LC [Liquid Cooled] System with 3315 nodes running Intel Xeon Broadwell E5-2695 processors  with a peak performance of 4,006 TFLOPS and  a total system memory of 414TB. The system is composed of 18 Compute cabinets and uses Cray’s Aries AOC with Dragonfly Interconnect network topology.  In addition, the system consists of 16 Intel KNL 7210 accelerator nodes with a peak performance of 42.56TFLOPS and a total memory of 1.5TB.

System Information :

Each of the compute node has dual socket and runs Intel Xeon Broadwell E5-2695 v4  18-core processors with a clock  speed of 2.1GHz .

 The entire system operates on Cray’s customized Linux OS, called Cray Linux Environment. The cluster supports architecture specific compilers from Cray as well as Intel and open-source GNU compilers. System also hosts architecture specific parallel libraries like OPENMP, MPI, libsci, Intel Cluster software etc. Applications like GFS, WRF,ROMS,CFS are available on the system for weather forecasting. To facilitate users with parallel program development, DDT parallel debugger and profiler is enabled on the system. The system uses PBS Pro as Workload Manager.

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Intel and Cray Training held on 30 and 31 May 2019

MATLAB And IDL is Installed on Pratyush System.

Apollo server installed in Pratyush HPC for AI/ML purpose (8 GPU cards)

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